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About Me

Valerie Ng - Marketing Consultant

Hiring a consultant can be viewed as getting a fresh, independent eye and ready made expertise in one package and without the ongoing HR costs.

Whether you're established and ready for a marketing refresh, or don't know where to start, feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Having held key marketing positions with internationals such as Intralock Tools (Canada), Sun Life (UK) and HarperCollins Children's Books (UK), I have a track record of devising campaigns and steering projects that have yielded visible results.

Contact Details:
e: valerie@wildrivercreative.ca  (Free 1/2 hour consultation)
t:  604-809-8398 (Canada Pacific Standard Time)

BA (Hons) Business Studies

Certified eBusiness Strategist

Marketing Consultant (20+ years)